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Crazy Film & TV Production Stories!

This is the show you've been waiting to hear. If you are cast and crew for TV & film productions, or you just enjoy listening to wild behind the scenes stories about your favorite shows, this is the podcast for you! Your host, Donny McGuire, guides his guests back to recount some of the most insane film and TV productions stories ever told. Join him as he and his guests recall stories that will make you feel like you were riding shotgun!

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Go For Donny!

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Donny and Jay have been down a few dusty roads together and have had a ton of wild adventures as production crew members on many shows, but the majority of their insane production memories were created on the set of Top Gear shot in good 'ol 'Merica! Inspired by the never-ending stories that production members, cast and crew, can entertain each other with for hours upon hours, Donny and Jay decided to bring that experience to the podcast world and thus was born, "Go for, Donny!"  We hope our audience enjoys these stories just as much as we do!


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