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GFD # 1: A Behind the Scenes Look at Go For Donny! with Host, Donny McGuire & Producer, Jay Verkamp

Stepping on the gas for the first episode of "Go For Donny," the inaugural podcast casts a spotlight on two questionable personalities: Donny McGuire, the titular host, and producer Jay Verkamp.

Totally unhinged, they share a multitude of wild stories straight from the filming sets of Top Gear USA and beyond. The episode kicks off with the pair reminiscing about unforgettable memories from their time on Top Gear, each serving an unforgettable experience, frosted with the scintillating thrill of the unexpected.

They dive headlong into tales of hazardous filming situations, ranging from a snowplow episode shot in the freezing shoulder of Maine involving an incendiary school bus to a failed car explosion on a raft in Mexico's sun-baked terrain.

The episode draws out the audacity that goes into making a show as iconic as Top Gear, as Verkamp narrates his terrifying near-miss with a flying piece of wood while recording an explosion. Not to be outdone, McGuire spins a tale about him daringly driving a car through explosive bags, safety gear be damned!

Conjuring up images of epic movie shoots, Donny recounts his mesmerizing Back-to-the-Future-like journey amidst scorching heat and obscured vision in a mall parking lot, dubbing it as one of his life's finest days. More than just outrageous stunts and brushes with danger, the podcast also delves into the camaraderie that knits the crew together. Veering from the familiar pavements of filmmaking risks, Verkamp and McGuire shift between humorous anecdotes involving missing sunglasses to an incident in San Antonio, Texas, where the Top Gear team gave the Alamo an unintended manure makeover.

These thrilling tales from behind the scenes showed how the Top Gear crew challenge each other while filming, but also stick together like a crazy, tightly-knit family. Escapades were aplenty on their trips abroad too. Remember the time when a cast member narrowly escaped death on an Icelandic volcano's edge? Or the night 30 crew members crammed into a single room in a cabin, all for the spectacle of the Aurora Borealis painting the Nordic night sky? McGuire and Verkamp do.

From afar, the experiences might seem harrowing, but laughter and camaraderie often proved the best antidote to their challenging circumstances. It's evident from their lively discussion, equally filled with humor and thrill, that "Go For Donny!" is more than about sharing daring tales. It's a celebration of friendships, gut-wrenching challenges, shared experiences, and the adventurous spirit that defines the film and television industry.

In Verkamp's own words, these experiences assemble the crew into a close-knit family, each moment on Top Gear contributing to that bond. So buckle up as "Go For Donny!" takes you on a wild ride, narrating the experiences of the Top Gear crew and beyond.

This podcast is quickly shaping into a fascinating peek into the craft of TV production—where audacious stunts, trivial disputes, unforgivable pranks, and earnest friendships combine to create television that grips our imaginations on full throttle.

Stay tuned to Donny and his band of merry filmmaking compatriots in the episodes to come, as they bare the untold stories behind the camera and revel in their shared love for crafting irresistible content. Locate your seatbelts; you're in for quite a ride on the "Go For Donny!" podcast.

Timestamped Overview:

02:16 Funny story about driving on dusty roads. 05:20 Jay, best days from show, camaraderie, trust. 06:56 First film crew on freshly erupted volcano. 10:19 Expensive mistake, gear lost in Lake Ontario. 16:03 Rutledge Wood bought toy plane for friend's kid. 18:22 Impressive truck jump leaves narrator breathless. 21:38 Donny's multitasking inspired the idea for Gofordonny. 23:19 Seeking stories for podcast, email 27:12 Lost keys delay filming in Detroit cop car episode. 29:11 Sound guy does his due diligence, explosion. 33:24 Connect with content using podcast and YouTube. 35:53 Argument over lost sunglasses during early show. 38:46 Questioning the nature of their actions.


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